Citation 500/501 Performance Upgrades

Transform your Citation 500/501 into the aircraft it was meant to be.

For decades, we at Sierra have dedicated ourselves to helping the Cessna Citation reach its full potential. We offer a wide range of modifications to enhance your aircraft performance. Our Cessna Citation 500/501 performance upgrades will get your adrenaline flowing — and at the same time make every flight safer. Unlock the potential of your aircraft performance!

Sierra Longwing—the ultimate wingtip extension

Our wingtip extensions boost single-pilot capabilities, climb and field performance, fuel capacity, range and safety. Available for Citation 500-0001 through 500-0349 models.
Sierra Longwing

Sierra Classic Eagle—wing enhancement for maximum performance

By making a few modifications to your jet’s wings, we can increase your range and climb time up to 50 percent, raise gross takeoff weight and fuel capacity, boost safety and minimize harmful effects of weather. Available for Citation 500 and 501SP models. 
Sierra Classic Eagle

Pratt Engine upgrades—get more power and speed from your engines

Achieve higher cruise speeds and initial altitude with a faster climb and more thrust. Available for Citation 500 and 501SP models. 
Pratt Engine Upgrades

Sierra Eagle II SPx—wing and engine upgrades to boost overall performance

The time-tested performance enhancements of the Classic Eagle plus the dramatic aircraft performance increase of the Williams/Rolls FJ44 fanjet engine. Available for Citation 500 and 501SP models. 
Sierra Eagle II SPX

Sierra FJ44 Stallion/Stallion XR—upgrade your engines

Boosts aircraft performance of the Citation 501SP by replacing your engines with Williams FJ44-2A Wide Sweep turbofan engines, digital fuel control units and full-time syncing between engines.
Sierra FJ44 Stallion / Stallion XR

XR Extended Range Fuel Cell—more range, more flying time

Fully integrated fuel system adds 120 gallons of fuel capacity, significantly extending range and adding an hour of flying time. Available for Citation 500 and 501SP models.
XR Extented Range Fuel Cell

Avionics & Cockpit Upgrades

Cabin Upgrades

Exterior Upgrades




January 2016:

High-tech startup firm partners with Sierra to utilize microgravity-generating parabolic flights to produce advanced semiconductor wafers. Albuquerque Journal.

September 2015:

Sierra introduces the SKYSTEP Citation step upgrade. Improved safety, reliability and aesthetics at an affordable price!

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