Piston Aircraft Auxiliary Fuel System Enhancement

Piston Aircraft Auxiliary Fuel System Enhancement

Keep your piston aircraft in the air longer and eliminate short landings on long flights

Sierra Industries has mastered the happy medium between adding fuel and maintaining your plane’s center of gravity. That means we can add 50 gallons of fuel capacity to your piston aircraft without altering the way you fly. The only thing that changes is how far you fly.

Get more mileage out of your aircraft performance

Our popular fuel capacity upgrade can add up to 650 nautical miles to the range of your Cessna 206/207. Our exclusive auxiliary fuel tanks are made of tough, durable, vulcanized rubber for longevity and safety, and they’re completely integrated into your plane’s fuel system, so there are no new switches or gauges to worry about.

At Sierra, we’re all about taking your aircraft performance higher without making sacrifices. This is one of the best ways to enhance your piston aircraft, with no drawbacks.

Sierra Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Range of Sierra Auxiliary Fuel Tanks