Welcome the future into your Citation cockpit

Cessna's legacy Citation variants are capable and classic aircraft, but their cockpits may be lagging a little behind the times. With our carefully engineered avionics and cockpit upgrades, you and your crew will feel like they’re in the newest business jet on the market, but for a fraction of the price. Safety, convenience and up-to-date technology are crucial, and we can give them to you.

Our avionics expertise extends beyond the Citation family.

Sierra is proud to offer a wide selection of the latest avionics instruments and packages for Citation, King Air, Hawker and many other aircraft, including most piston singles & twins. As an authorized dealer for all major avionics manufacturers, we can completely update your existing panel to take advantage of 21st century technology.
Our experienced avionics technicians are highly skilled in installing everything from custom STC avionics suites like our G501SP, to today’s GPS, MFD’s, TAWS, XM radio, WiFi, and many other aircraft systems. What’s more, our in-house machine shop offers sophisticated CNC tools, including a state-of-the-art waterjet cutting system, allowing us to create a superbly finished custom-engineered panel for your new avionics suite.

Need troubleshooting for nagging avionics problems? Classic aircraft have typically experienced multiple rounds of avionics replacements and rewiring over the years, often with incomplete documentation. Not to worry. Sierra’s avionics experts have decades of experience in investigating, diagnosing and fixing improperly engineered or documented retrofits. Bring your aircraft to Sierra avionics and our technicians will hunt down and repair those troubling squawks!

Custom Avionics Upgrades
Let Sierra bring your cockpit into the glass cockpit era of the 21st century with Garmin avionics and other avionics upgrades. Maximize the crew’s situational awareness with easy-to-read digital interfaces and displays. Combine weather, radar, traffic, terrain and navigation maps into one space-saving device. Access XM WX Satellite Weather and detect other aircraft sooner and more accurately.

Garmin G501SP by Sierra

Garmin avionics and other upgrades make you more aware

The G501SP Glass Panel turns your Cessna Citation 501SP into a new plane

Sierra Exclusive
Together, Garmin Avionics and Sierra make your Cessna jet safer and easier to fly. We’ve teamed up with the Garmin International Inc. to bring the future of avionics into your Cessna Citation 501SP. The G501SP Glass Panel uses three large-format, high-resolution displays to present a wealth of flight-critical data in an intuitive format. That means you (and your copilot) can spend less time searching for information and more time flying the aircraft.
Please note: this modification is approved for the Citation 501SP only. READ MORE.

Affordable Avionics for Your Aircraft, whatever model it is

Universal 890R Dual Display System

See everything, react instantly: This is our most capable and cost-effective aircraft avionics package, available with a dual-pilot/single copilot display. Advanced technology and innovative presentation symbology provide all the information you need in an uncluttered, intuitive format. The high-resolution, high-contrast displays are readable in almost any lighting.

Sandel SN-4500 Multifunction Display
Brings your horizontal situation indicator up to date: Replace your aging electromechanical horizontal situation indicator with the best. This four-by-four, bright and easy to read screen adds a lot to your cockpit at a great value.

Sandel SA-4550 Electronic Attitude Display Indicator
Provides clear, reliable pitch and roll data: This LED-backlit display makes uses smart technology to measure data from virtually any gyro source. With this four-by-four device, you’ll always know where you stand — without requiring any changes to your autopilot’s certification.

Avidyne EX5000 multifunction display
Lets you see everything: Get airspace information and weather radar data all in one place, or see them individually. This large-format display is one of the most advanced available for the Cessna Citation — and it’s also one of the easiest to use.

Avidyne EX 500/600 multifunction displays
Save room but show it all: When it comes to airspace and weather, you’ll know everything. These displays take the wealth of information offered by the Avidyne EX5000 (above) and put it on a smaller screen, saving you room without making you squint.

Garmin GMX 200 multifunction displays
Breaks down the data so you don’t have to: This large-format display is fully customizable, giving you standard, traffic, radar and radar/traffic views, saving you the mental gymnastics you’d need to sort through the information. It can also be paired with other great Garmin avionics products to bring you real-time views of the weather ahead of you.

Navigation, communications and GPS: a smarter way to get
where you’re going

Garmin GTN 650 / 750

Garmin GTN 650 
For pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a small, 2.64-in.-tall package, the GTN 650 is the perfect choice. The system combines GPS, COMM and NAV functions with powerful multifunction display capabilities like high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, satellite weather, traffic display and much more.
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Garmin GTN 750

Packed full of powerful avionics, the GTN 750 is a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COMM solution. The 6-in.-tall system’s intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display, satellite weather and much more.
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Stay out of harm’s way by monitoring traffic, weather and more
Garmin GTS800
Protects you from intrusive traffic: Track up to 60 traffic targets and 30 intruder threats at once with exclusive Garmin avionics technology that offers range, power and performance without a hefty price tag.

Garmin GDL 69 and 69A
Offer weather data and music: Get real-time satellite weather anywhere above the continental United States. The GDL 69A even lets you listen to XM Satellite Radio, giving you a ride that’s not only safe but stylish.

Garmin GTX327, GTX330
Saves power and delivers crucial information: These Garmin avionics transponders work faster and more efficiently than the competition, making the skies safer for you and everyone else. These avionics upgrades also include remote ident and auto standby, altitude monitor with voice alerts and a traffic interface — all on an easy-to-read LCD display.

Garmin GMA 340 Audio
Lets you control your sound: With LED buttons and a digital display, you can easily manage your nav and comm systems’ audio.

L3 SkyWatch
Tracks traffic from every angle: Track 10 targets in a horizontal range of 11 nautical miles and vertical range of nearly 10,000 feet, keeping you aware in real time of the dangers around you in every direction.

Avidyne TAS-620
Detects aircraft sooner and more accurately: This avionics upgrade eliminates the surprises that can be caused by single-antenna systems, keeping you ahead of the game and out of harm’s way.

Heads Up Display XMD-076
Turns weather data into reliable imagery: You can rout a variety of weather data to a variety of display devices using this avionics upgrade.

Honeywell 610
Shows you the weather directly in your path: This receiver brings high-speed textual and graphical weather information straight to your cockpit, interfacing with a variety of displays as a versatile solution to your weather concerns. Look at the weather on top of your flight plan and ensure a safe flight.

Garmin GWX 68 Radar
Garmin GWX 68 Radar shows you the weather in three dimensions: This compact unit lets you see storm-cell tracking in full color via various Garmin avionics display screens, even during climbs and turns. With vertical scanning, you can see weather formations in 3D.

Bendix/King RDR 2000 / 2100 Digital Weather Radar
Bendix/King RDR 2000 and 2100 Digital Weather Radars show you the whole storm: There’s no margin for error when it comes to knowing your flight conditions. That’s why these avionics upgrades use sensitive technology to correlate target distance with intensity and reduce shadowing.

Safety and Convenience in the Cockpit

Sierra Glareshield Mod
Glareshield / Annunciator Panel Modification

This exclusive Sierra glareshield / annunciator panel enhancement puts vital annunciator information right in your line of sight and frees up valuable panel real estate for new avionics, such as touchscreen MFD's, large-format weather radar and more. Our glareshield modification also improves situational awareness by putting vital annunciator information right in your line of sight and uncluttering your panel.

We utilize your existing glareshield for a perfect fit, modifying it to integrate annunciator lights and associated switches and all necessary wiring. The glareshield modification includes black Ultratech covering — other covering options are available to match your existing interior.

SI440 Sierra/Artex 406 MHz ELT Kit 

Sierra Exclusive
Modernizes your emergency transmitter: Bring your Cessna Citation emergency transmission system to current standards with this cost-effective solution. This kit changes your emergency locator transmitter from the older frequency no longer monitored by U.S. satellites to 406 megahertz to the internationally accepted emergency frequency used today. READ MORE.

Custom Throttle Knobs 

Sierra Exclusive
Engraved with your company’s logo or one that corresponds to your Citation jet class, these lightweight, aluminum throttle knobs are a flashy and functional addition to your cockpit.

4 Point Crew Restraint System 
Sierra Exclusive
Crew comfort and safety are enhanced by Sierra’s effective and state-of-the-art pilot restraint system. It also eliminates nicks on the side windows and comes in your choice of webbing color.

Alternate Gear Horn Mute Switch 

Sierra Exclusive
This switch supplements the existing gear horn mute system and allows the pilot to keep both hands on the control wheel at critical moments.

Avionics Master Switch

Sierra Exclusive
Eliminate the human error that comes with flipping dozens of switches with this modification, that puts all the avionics devices in your cockpit under the control of this one switch.

Enhanced Vision Systems 
Enhance the crew’s forward vision by erasing the limitations in visibility caused by smoke, snow, rain and darkness.

RVSM Upgrades 
We offer a fully integrated solution with interfaces to the Flight Director Systems and Autopilot, all while meeting stringent requirements for RVSM airspace.

Transponder Ident Switch
Your pilot will be able to perform transponder ident without taking his hands off the control wheel.

New Cockpit Panel Segments 
Update and clean up your instrument panel to give your Citation aircraft a “like-new” look and feel.