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Sierra FJ44 fleet approaches 60 re-engined Citations

UVALDE, TX – November 8, 2011 – Sierra Industries’ Williams FJ44 re-engining programs are rapidly approaching a total of 60 aircraft, with the input of two more legacy Citation aircraft for modification. Number 58 in the series is a Citation S550, slated to become the 12th aircraft fitted with 2820 lb. thrust FJ44-3A engines. No. 59 is a Citation I and boasts the Sierra Stallion FJ44-2A upgrade. Both aircraft are expected to be completed before the end of 2011, making them potential candidates for the U.S. Government’s 100% Bonus Depreciation tax allowance.

"We’re gratified by the support for our Williams FJ44 re-engining programs in today’s challenging aviation market. This reinforces our belief that well-designed and carefully updated legacy aircraft continue to be a competitive and cost-effective alternative to new aircraft models. Sierra’s hard-won expertise in legacy aircraft modification is recognized by OEM firms like Hawker Beechcraft, resulting in contracted technology development for the newly approved 800XPR and upcoming 400XPR retrofit programs," remarks SkyWay Group and Sierra CEO Mark Huffstutler.

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