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New 2013-14 Sierra Catalog published

UVALDE, TX – June 2013 – Sierra Industries is proud to celebrate their 30th year in business with the release of their 2013-14 product and services catalog.

The catalog cover features an entertaining in-flight photo of one of CEO Mark Huffstutler’s favorite aircraft, a 1945 P-51D fighter. The new catalog will be mailed shortly to a broad cross-section of North American light business aircraft owners.

Packed full of information, the new catalog is organized by aircraft model and by product category, making it simple to locate specific aircraft upgrades or just browse for ideas. Detailed information includes not only aircraft performance data, but also cost of operation and comparative information for a variety of competitive business aircraft. Selecting the right upgrades for a particular aircraft can be a complex decision, but the easy-to-use facts and figures in Sierra’s catalog will help make it a well-informed one.

We’ve also substantially expanded our services, adding flat-rate inspection pages for aircraft ranging from Citation CJ2, and CJ3 through Beechcraft’s King Air and Hawker 400 and 800 models. A wide variety of the latest avionics upgrades are featured for both Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft, including Garmin’s GTN 650 / 750, affordable cabin WiFi solutions and much more. In the piston aircraft section, you’ll find a wealth of exciting performance enhancements for Cessna single- and twin-engine aircraft. And, naturally, plenty of information about our world-famous Robertson/STOL modifications.

Click on the photo to browse or download an electronic copy of the catalog or use our easy request form to order a printed copy to keep in your cockpit for quick reference.

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