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Sierra Industries welcomes Patrick Carter to the Sales Team

The Sales and Support staff at Sierra Industries is pleased to announce the arrival of aviation veteran Patrick Carter. Most recently employed with Rocket Engineering, an aftermarket turboprop conversion firm, Mr. Carter brings to his new role a wealth of experience in certifying and marketing high-value aircraft performance modifications.

While pursuing a successful career in telecommunications sales and ownership of an audio/video manufacturing and distribution company, Patrick acquired his private pilot certificate and his interest in aviation quickly grew. In 2001, he moved from the audio/video industry into a full-time aviation career with his employment as Chief Operations Manager for American Aviation. After acquiring valuable experience in Part 135 charter/cargo operations, aircraft sales and FBO management, Patrick moved to Rocket Engineering Corporation in 2003.

In addition to his Private Pilot’s Certificate / SEL rating, Patrick has acquired flight experience in multiple single and multi-engine aircraft, among them the PA46, B36TC/T and B60/T. Mr. Carter‘s proficiency in numerous computer applications and programming is valuable as well.

Mr. Carter is a welcome addition to Sierra Industries’ growing sales and customer support organization. His knowledge of the aircraft modification and certification process, his experience in multiple facets of private aviation - including MRO, FBO and Part 135 Charter management - and many years of marketing, customer support and business management experience will contribute to Sierra’s increasing capabilities. In particular, his hard-won insights into the high-end turboprop marketplace will help us better market and manage our customers who are making their transition from turboprop aircraft into light jets.

Paul Wood, Sierra’s Director of Sales and Support remarks, “We are thrilled that Patrick has joined our growing team at Sierra Industries. His broad MRO management background and turbine aircraft modification experience make him an invaluable asset. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as we continue to enhance Sierra’s capabilities and expand our customer base in the years ahead.”

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