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After three decades of internationally acclaimed service and performance modifications, Sierra Industries has developed into one of the most exciting places in the world to work on private aircraft. Every day is a new and challenging experience working with clients from all over the United States and across the world.

Located in Uvalde, Texas, 90 miles west of San Antonio on the edge of the Hill Country — at the intersection of hunters’ paradise and a pastoral countryside highlighted by beautiful, flowing rivers. With Uvalde’s affordable homes and family-friendly neighborhoods, Sierra offers its employees a professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling lifestyle.

Sierra Industries, Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Employer with an emphasis on family, fun, and opportunities. Competitive salary and benefits including a 401(k) profit sharing plan.

Sierra Industries, Ltd.
122 Howard Langford Drive
Uvalde, Texas 78801
Fax: (830) 278-7649


January 2016:

High-tech startup firm partners with Sierra to utilize microgravity-generating parabolic flights to produce advanced semiconductor wafers. Albuquerque Journal.

September 2015:

Sierra introduces the SKYSTEP Citation step upgrade. Improved safety, reliability and aesthetics at an affordable price!

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