Citation 560  Upgrades

Citation 560 Upgrades

No longer does the Citation take a back seat to newer jets. From wheels up to touchdown, we enhance every aspect of your aircraft performance, comfort, look and feel.

Citation 560 Avionics & Cockpit Upgrades

Upgrade your avionics and the rest of the cockpit
Trade in your old instruments and bring your cockpit into the 21st century with a cutting edge avionics package customized for you. The sophisticated technology of Garmin avionics and other leading brands meets our engineering expertise to give your classic aircraft the capabilities of a brand new jet at a fraction of the cost. You can also protect the cockpit from glare and modernize the crew’s safety restraints.

Citation 560 Avionics and Cockpit Upgrades

Upgrade your cabin

Upgrade your cabin
Safety, comfort and style are crucial to business travel. Fly in luxury and security by adding a sofa, a JetBed, medical transport facilities or a refreshment center to your cabin. 

Citation 560 Cabin Upgrades

Upgrade your exterior

Upgrade your exterior
Make your Cessna Citation even more sleek and stylish — and increase its value — with attractive and functional modifications like Quick Release Radome and Pneu-Lift baggage door openers. We can boost your jet’s convenience factor and its style factor.

Citation 560 Exterior Upgrades