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Sierra Industries, Inc.

KUVA Location / Garner Field Airport
122 Howard Langford Drive
Uvalde, TX 78801

KSAT Location / San Antonio International Airport
1770 Skyplace Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78216

Maps and Directions
Driving Directions
Flying Maps and Directions

Contact Sierra Personnel:

Phone / Email
Toll Free: (888) 835-9377

Phone: (830) 278-4481
Fax: (830) 278-7649

Phone: (210) 805-3188


Sales / Customer Service

Paul Wood, Director of Sales & Support

Paul C. Wood
Director of Sales & Support

James Coggeshall, Regional Sales / SierraCom Manager, Sierra Industries

James ‘JC’ Coggeshall
Regional Sales Manager

David Welch, Skyway Aero VP of Sales

David Welch
Vice President of Sales - Skyway Aero
Aircraft Sales & Brokerage Services

Larry Montgomery, Technical Service Manager

Larry Montgomery
Technical Service Manager

Executive / Management

Mark Huffstutler, Chief Executive Officer, SkyWay Group / Sierra Industries

Mark Huffstutler
Chief Executive Officer
SkyWay Group / Sierra Industries
Gary Buchanan, Cheif Operating Officer, The SkyWay Group

Gary Buchanan
SkyWay Group
Officer of New Business Development

Patti Kruciak, Human Resources Manager

Patti Kruciak
Human Resources Manager

Jason Miller | President, Sierra Industries Ltd.

Jason Miller

Trey Thomas, KSAT Sierra Site Manager

Trey Thomas
Site Manager - Sierra KSAT

Chip King, Vice President of Engineering, Sierra Industries

Ernest ‘Chip’ King III
VP of Engineering

James Gerrish, Manager of Creative Marketing, Sierra Industries / Skyway Aero

Jim Gerrish
Manager of
Creative Marketing

Paul Wood, Director of Sales and Support

Paul C. Wood
Director of Sales & Support

Steve Lawrence, Chief Inspector, Sierra Industries

Steve Lawrence
Chief Inspector

Boyce Curfman, Avionics Manager, Sierra Industries

Boyce Curfman
Avionics Manager