FJ44 Sierra Stallion Performance Upgrade

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Garmin G501SP by Sierra

FJ44 Sierra Stallion Performance Upgrade

Give your Cessna jet brains and brawn

Don’t just fly higher and faster — fly smarter, too!
Sierra’s Stallion modifications equip your Cessna Citation 500 or 501SP with Williams FJ44-2A Wide Sweep 2,300-pound turbofan engines. You’ll also get digital fuel control units for comprehensive power management, including full-time syncing between the engines.

Stallion—performance and quality

•  Delivers 32 percent more takeoff thrust at the point of rotation    
•  Climbs to FL 430 in less than 25 minutes
•  Boasts a maximum speed more than 40 knots higher than the stock
    Citation 500/501SP
•  Travels more than 1,400 nautical miles at economy cruise
•  Reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent
•  Service ceiling hits 43,000 feet

Want to learn more about the the FJ44 fanjet engine?
Compared with other aircraft in this class, the Sierra Stallion outperforms its competitors in virtually every category at a faction of the cost! The performance and the savings are sky-high. Click here for everything you need to know about the engine that has revolutionized the Cessna jet.

Stallion XR—go farther
The Stallion XR brings you all the aircraft performance enhancements of the Stallion, with the addition of Sierra’s Extended Range Fuel Cell. That means a cruising range more than 2,000 nautical miles in addition to the enhanced thrust, climb time, maximum speed and fuel efficiency of the Stallion. Read more about the Extended Range Fuel Cell.

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FJ44 Sierra Eagle IISPx Performance Upgrade

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