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Sierra's FLEX

The TBO Life Extension Solution for the Pratt & Whitney JT15D engine

Sierra Industries is pleased to announce  a cost-effective solution for aircraft whose engines are approaching TBO. The FLEX (Fanjet Live EXtension) program provides an attractive alternative to engine overhaul, allowing you to safely operate your engines to 5,250 hours. For many legacy aircraft owners, this could mean a decade or more of flying without incurring the substantial expense of engine overhaul or replacement.

The FLEX program extends the useful operating life of your engines up to 5,250 hours depending upon times, cycles and condition of the internal components. Aircraft owners may enroll in the FLEX program at any time up to TBO and in some cases even beyond. Once accepted into the FLEX program, an affordable subscription fee is required.

FLEX provides this additional time at far less expense than engine overhaul cost, or even the cost of buying a used replacement engine. For a modest enrollment fee (less than $50K for two engines) and a nominal monthly subscription fee, you’ll enjoy many more years of confident, trouble-free flight.

FLEX is applicable to all Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1, -1A, -1B / -4, -4B and -5A and -5D engines, pending an inital engine & logbook evaluation.

Please click the link below and discover how you can avoid the high cost of engine overhaul and continue to use your aircraft for many years to come.