The G501SP Glass Panel lets you modernize
your plane without buying a new one

Together, Garmin Avionics and Sierra make your Cessna jet safer and easier to fly. We’ve teamed up with the Garmin International Inc. to bring the future of avionics into your Cessna Citation 501SP. The G501SP Glass Panel uses three large-format, high-resolution displays to present a wealth of flight-critical data in an intuitive format. That means you and your crew can spend less time thinking and more time reacting. Here are some examples of how the G501SP can benefit you:

Accurate data in real time. Replaces traditional mechanical gyroscopic flight instruments with Garmin’s ultra-reliable GRS77 Altitude and Heading Reference System, providing accurate digital output and referencing of your position, rate, vector and acceleration.

Jeppesen database
See clearly, supports onscreen navigation, communication and mapping.

See where you’re taxiing. Built-in database offers diagrams of more than 650 U.S. airports.

Optional upgrades make your plane even smarter

Garmin Avionics SVT lets you visualize conditions before you get to them
The optional Garmin SVT, or synthetic vision technology, uses sophisticated graphics modeling to recreate a 3-D virtual reality landscape database, allowing the pilot and copilot to clearly visualize fixed terrain and obstacles, even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions. Garmin SVT depicts topography, water, airports and air traffic in relative proximity to your Citation aircraft, making situational orientation exponentially easier and less stressful.

XM WX Satellite Weather tells you all you need to know

An optional subscription to XM WX Satellite Weather brings up-to-the minute, high-resolution weather maps into your cockpit. The subscription also provides you with Traffic Information Services alerts that identify surrounding air traffic. And if you interface your subscription with Garmin Avionics GWX 68 digital color radar, you’ll have the absolute best “scan-your-own” weather analysis available.

Garmin Avionics and Sierra save you from harm — and save you money

Our avionics experts’ custom installations seamlessly blend the G501SP with your existing instruments. Contact our avionics department for a detailed custom quote for your aircraft. We’re ready to enhance your Cessna jet capabilities and save you money.