Continuing the legacy of a classic business jet

When Cessna Aircraft Co. earned the necessary certification in September 1971, the Cessna Citation was born. The production version entered service soon after, and a classic and enduring business jet took flight and changed the skies.

A prolific period for the company followed, and the certification for siblings of the original Cessna Citation 500 continued into the early 1980s, about the same time that a small company based in Uvalde, Texas, began to come into its own.

Since then, Sierra Industries has specialized in bringing legacy Citations into the modern era, saving their owners money while making their Citation aircraft as luxurious, as safe, as easy to use, and as technologically advanced as any of the new business jets that have attempted to replace the Citation. 

See where your Cessna jet fits into the Cessna Citation family tree:

Fanjet 500, aka Citation 500
Original production version first flown in September 1969; entered service in 1971.

Citation I
Enhanced performance version of the Citation 500 introduced in 1976. Longer wingspan, higher gross operating weight, and more powerful engines.

Citation I/SP
Single-pilot version of the Citation I introduced in 1977. Last production version of the original Cessna Citation, with the last one hitting the market in 1985.

Citation II
Designated the Citation 550, this version of the Citation I features a longer fuselage, longer wings, more powerful engines, and increased storage capacity. Certified in 1978.

Citation II/SP
Single-pilot version of the Citation II, dubbed the 551.

Citation III
Originally the Citation 650, the III was certified in 1982 and features a larger design, supplementing the smaller Citation I/II/V series. It boasts a swept supercritical wing, T-tail, new fuselage and turbofan engines.

Citation S/II
The S/II features aerodynamic improvements with a new supercritical wing based on the Citation III, along with newer engines. Certified in 1984, it replaced the Citation II in production for a year.

Citation VII
Certified in 1992, the Citation VII is a Citation III with systems improvements and more powerful Garrett engines. The VII replaced the III/VI series and is still in production today.

The Model 525 replaced the original I/II series but featured the same forward fuselage. However, it does have an all new wing, new Williams FJ44 engines, and a T-tail. EFIS avionics are standard, as is a single-pilot operation. It was certified in 1993.

CitationJet CJI 
A CitationJet 525 with Collins Pro Line 21 cockpit avionics suite and an increased operational gross weight that’s primarily fuel and payload.

CitationJet CJ2
Stretched CJ1 with more powerful FJ44-2C engines, longer wings and a larger tail.

CitationJet CJ3
Further stretches the CJ2 with even longer wings, larger tail and digital engine controls on more powerful FJ44 engines. Certified in 2004.

CitationJet CJ4
Additional stretch of the CJ3, introduced in 2010.

Citation Mustang
Shorter-cabin, entry-level jet introduced in 2006 carries four to five passengers.