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In well over three decades in the aviation maintenance business, we've seen just about everything. When it comes to maintaining and inspecting your personal aircraft, you can rest assured that nothing will get by the dedicated veteran aviation techs in Sierra's hangars.

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Our experienced maintenance professionals are ready to get you and your aircraft airborne safely and quickly. With over 30 years in business aircraft service under our wings, you can count on Sierra's expertise and commitment to your valuable aircraft.

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Sierra's Pre-Buy Evaluation:
Have confidence in your buying decision.

Pre-buys can be a hassle for both the buyer and seller. You need the vital data without being buried in a mountain of information that has no bearing on whether a plane is airworthy. Whether you’re buying or selling, Sierra’s pre-purchase evaluation makes sure both parties get the most important data fast, paving the way for a smooth, untroubled transaction.

Sierra will provide you with a superior pre-purchase evaluation of your aircraft. Our dedication to attention and decades of real-world experience in buying, selling and servicing business aircraft let us provide buyers and sellers with immediate, convenient and confidential information accompanied by solutions.

Our experience and skills extend well beyond the Citation family. Call us for any type of aircraft and we can offer you fast results.