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STC Awarded for G501SP "Glass Panel" Avionics

UVALDE, TX – October 7, 2011 – Marking the completion of the Sierra/Garmin Citation I "glass panel" retrofit program, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Sierra Industries, Ltd. Supplemental Type Certificate SA11050SC-D for Part 23 or Part 25 operation. Developed in cooperation with Garmin International Inc., the STC allows installation of the three-screen digital flight deck suite in all Cessna Citation 501 model aircraft, utilizing the same displays as the well-known Garmin G1000 system. This provides a state-of-the-art digital avionics solution for any serial number or configuration of the popular Cessna Citation 501 legacy business jet.

The G501SP flight deck includes individual Garmin GDU 1040 10.4" LCD Primary Flight Displays for pilot and copilot and a centrally-mounted 10.4" LCD Multifunction Display. The standard package is available at an installed price of $284,000.00 with the 3 displays listed above. Typical installation time is estimated at 5 weeks. Optional upgrades include twin Cobham LCD engine instrument displays, Jeppesen Charts, XM Radio, TAWS-A or -B, a pedestal-mounted alphanumeric keypad, and Garmin SVT Synthetic Vision System.

This sophisticated digital avionics package integrates the latest in GPS, terrain, weather and aircraft traffic technologies, significantly enhancing situational awareness and streamlining the pilot’s workload. Combined with Cobham EIDS digital engine instrumentation and optional upgrades such as SVT synthetic vision and TAWS, the G501SP upgrade gives the classic Citation capabilities that compare very favorably to the newest light jets on the market.

The G501SP package and options are available for installation at Sierra’s Uvalde, Texas facility and in kit form for dealer installation at other locations. The system is applicable to all Cessna Citation 501 aircraft with either Pratt & Whitney JT15-D or Williams FJ-44 engines.

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