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Airlec Acquires 2nd Sierra FJ44 Citation

Airlec Air Espace, a French air ambulance operator, recently flew their latest Sierra-modified aircraft from Uvalde, Texas to their home airfield in Bordeaux, France. Following his flight home in the new aircraft, we asked the pilot, Paul Tiba, for his observations:

“We made Uvalde to San Antonio (last test flight). Then: San Antonio - Albany Int’l - Goose Bay - Keflavik - Bordeaux! Everything went smoothly.”

What do you like most about the modification?

"For our operations, it is definitely the fuel flow ! It allows a real range of more than 1,700 nm + reserves which is really impressive for an aircraft of this category.

For the pilot I am, I love taking off, pulling up and REALLY climbing, either with the Super II or the Eagle II."

How did it (or will it) change your typical travel schedule?

"We are specialized in Air Ambulance. Most of our flights consist in picking up French patients abroad, mainly from Africa. It would be totally impossible to do so without the extended range of the Eagle II."

Would you recommend this modification to other Citation owners?

"I strongly recommend this modification to other owners! This will not be the same aircraft at all. Especially for the range, no other aircraft from this category can compete with either the Eagle II or the Super II."

In 2009, Airlec Air Espace purchased their first modified aircraft, a Citation II with Sierra’s FJ44-3A Super II engine upgrade. That aircraft also incorporated Sierra’s extended-width door modification and a dual LifePort stretcher configuration. Their latest acquisition is a Citation 501SP with Sierra’s FJ44-2A powered Eagle II modification.

Posted by Jim Gerrish on 15th October, 2011 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: Sierra FJ44 Citation | Cessna Citation Modifications

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