N400XP / RK-96
1994 Hawker 400XPR
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Sierra Industries is proud to present this superb example of one of the world’s most popular light business jets, the Hawker 400XPR. Based on the renowned Beechjet 400A, the suite of XPR upgrades developed by Hawker Beechcraft and Sierra raise the bar for the world’s light jet market.

In addition to the state-of-the-art Collins Proline 21 avionics package with four hi-resolution LCD displays, this aircraft has been upgraded with the amazing Williams International FJ44-4A-32 turbofan engine, the highest-output powerplant (3,200 lb, flat-rated) ever developed by Williams International. Efficiency- enhancing XPR winglets boost range and reduce fuel consumption, and the state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite provides maximum situational awareness.

Superb hot & high performance, extended range and state-of-the-art avionics are yours in this 400 XPR. A custom designed paint scheme in Hawker Beechcraft’s corporate colors complements a beautiful new interior, featuring beige leather seating, taupe ultra-suede headliner and high-gloss cherry wood cabinetry.

• Williams FJ44-4A-32
• Left: 83 hrs TTSN
• Right: 68.5 hrs TTSN
• TBO: 5,000 hours
• Engines current on Williams’ TAP Blue program

• Aircraft Total Time: 7,079 TTSN (June 2016)
• Serial Number: RK-96
• Inspection Status: Current on SierraCOM
• No known damage history

Performance and Specs
•    Maximum Ramp Weight:              16,500 Pounds
•    Maximum Take Off Weight:          16,300 Pounds
•    Basic Empty Weight:                       10,380 Pounds
•    Basic Operating Weight:                 10,780 Pounds
•    Maximum Zero Fuel Weight:         13,000 Pounds
•    Maximum Fuel Capacity:                 4,912 Pounds
•    Maximum Payload:                            2,220 Pounds

•    Maximum Range w/ 4 Pax:          1,950 Nautical Miles (490 more than standard)
•    Maximum Range Ferry:                 2,160 Nautical Miles
•    Climb to FL370 in 11 Minutes (7 minutes quicker than standard)
•    Engine Thrust 3,200 Pounds (2,965 for old P&W engines)
•    Balanced Field Length:                    3,840 Feet (SL, ISA)
                                                                      5,170 Feet (SL + 5000 ft, 25 degrees C)
•    Ceiling:                                                 45,000 Feet
•    Speeds:
                High Speed Cruise:           447 KTAS @ FL450
                Normal Cruise:                  435 KTAS @ FL450
                Long Range Cruise:          425 KTAS @ FL450

The Hawker 400XPR’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite improves situational awareness, safety and navigational capabilities. Pro Line 21 features large format 8x10 LCD displays, seamlessly integrated with your aircraft’s systems. You may also choose the Pro Line 21 Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) to further enhance your situational awareness by integrating satellite weather, enhanced charts and approach plates into your flight deck. FMS 4.0 WAAS capability provides improved navigational capability by opening up many new approaches and new airports with improved safety. With Pro Line 21, you can rest assured your cockpit has been designed for compatibility with future technology breakthroughs and regulatory mandates.

System includes:
•  Four (4 each) PL-21 Adaptive Flight displays
•  New 3-in-One Standby Instrumentation
•  New Annunciator Panel
•  Integration with PL-4 IAPS System
•  Integration with FMS (AMS-5000)
•  Upgraded AHRS System (AHC-3000A)
•  Maintenance Diagnostic System
•  Electronic Engine Instrumentation on #1MFD

•  Hawker XPR Williams FJ44-4A-32 re-engining
•  B&D Cabin Display
•  J.E.T. PS-835D AHRS Aux Power
•  J.E.T. Standby Horizon
•  AOA Indicator
•  Crew Map Case
•  Forward Left Hand Storage Cabinet
•  Flushing Potty
•  Freon Air Conditioning

This 2+8 (including belted potty) fire-blocked interior features a forward, left rear-facing seat; a center club configuration along with two aft, forward facing seats and a belted potty. The interior color scheme for this aircraft consists of Beige leather seats with matching, Beige carpeting, and Taupe, ultra-suede headliner. Cabinetry is completed in a high gloss cherry finish. Interior new in October 2011.
iShades electronically dimming cabin windows, cabin lighting and more can be controlled with iCabin wireless management from iPhone & iPad.

Custom paint scheme with Matterhorn White and Metallic Black two-tone style scheme with Metallic Silver and Las Vegas Gold accent stripes and special 400XPR livery. Paint new in October 2011.