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FJ44 General Information

True 21st century performance for the Citation aircraft family

A quantum leap in the evolution of Cessna Citation performance
Legacy Citation owners have for years felt left behind as the business jet industry raises the aircraft performance ceiling higher and higher. But now, with Sierra’s help, legacy Cessna Citation owners can maintain the cabin size, comfort and versatility they love about their Cessna jet while increasing speed, efficiency, range and payload — all at unparalleled value. Bring your business jet back to first class!

FJ44 engine enhancements offer speed and efficiency with no sacrifice
By combining the incredible Williams FJ44 fanjets with the Cessna Citation, Sierra has created a whole new class of light business jet — on that continues the Citation’s proven, pilot-friendly experience while dramatically boosting performance, economy and reliability throughout the flight envelope.

It all came together after Sierra’s talented design and engineering staff spent years tracking down the highest quality components, designing and fabricating new parts and subassemblies and testing aircraft configuration. The result of our hard work is the most exciting and thoroughly engineered modifications yet for the Cessna Citaiton. The engine’s advanced alloys allow operation at higher temperatures, resist corrosion and fatigue and increase safety margins. Modern electronic controls increase efficiency and minimize noise and vibration.

In short, Sierra can transform your Cessna Citation into a brand-new, high-performance business jet with the power, efficiency and economy you desire. This level of aircraft performance typically costs millions more — but with Sierra’s upgrades, you can have it all at a price point no other light jet can match.

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Sierra’s breakthrough technology was created to suit your Cessna Citation
FJ44-2A enhances the Citation I

The FJ44-2A is a remarkably efficient fanjet that provides superior performance for the Stallion, Stallion XR and Eagle II SPx upgrades. Its wide-sweep technology and lightweight efficiency will enable your aircraft to attain cruise performance comparable to much larger, more expensive business aircraft while retaining the low operating and acquisition costs associated with turboprops.

The FJ44-2A features a modest turbine temperature and low-cost turbofan technology, including:


•  Uncooled, high-pressure turbine

•  Effusion-cooled combustor

•  High-work, two-stage LP turbine

The FJ44-2A has been proven to maximize endurance and cycle life, and has withstood tests at 65,000 feet-pressure altitude. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for the most aircraft performance for your dollar.

FJ44-3A enhances the Citation II and Citation S-II
With an increased thrust-to-weight ratio, efficiency improvements and fuel savings, the FJ44-3A’s performance is truly breathtaking. The engine’s unique fan and compressor sections are the result of more than three decades’ worth of work on integrally balded fans and compressors.

The FJ44-3A also features a modest turbine temperature and low-cost turbofan technology, including:


•  Uncooled, high-pressure turbine

•  Effusion-cooled combustor

•  High-work, two-stage LP turbine

Supercharge your legacy Citation II and S-II with the FJ44-3A, the perfect choice for the utmost in performance and value.


Eliminate the expenses of unscheduled maintenance

Stay in control of your budget when you upgrade to FJ44 engines. Williams International’s Total Assurance Program puts you in the driver’s seat while saving you money with three plans that ensure high-quality engine maintenance at an affordable price. Making monthly payments into the Total Assurance Program isn’t just insurance — you’ll save money on the regularly scheduled maintenance your engines need, not to mention the budget-busting emergency attention that’s sometimes required.

Williams offers three Total Assurance Program plans that are sure to meet the needs of all FJ44 engine owners. The plans offer varying degrees of coverage at various costs, but one thing is consistent across the board: Savings on the quality service that Williams International is proud to provide each of its loyal customers. Contact Sierra Industries today to find out how you can minimize maintenance costs and maximize peace of mind.