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Garmin G501SP by Sierra

Increase your fuel, increase your trajectory

Adding a whopping 120 gallons of fuel capacity may seem like an invasive procedure, but this fuel cell absorbs only 18 inches of cabin length. The changes to your cabin are subtle, but the additional hour of flying time can’t be overlooked.

FJ44 engine enhancements offer speed and efficiency with no sacrifice
Located in front of the aft cabin’s bulkhead minimizes changes to the center of gravity of your Cessna Citation. Its 18-inches, including the double-walled aluminum safety shell, take up so little room you don’t even have to sacrifice the aft toilet. And our installation includes adding a new pressure bulkhead and re-upholstering to match the original interior décor of your business jet. In short, the only change you’ll notice is that your plane stays in the air longer and flies farther.