With our help, the Cessna Citation lends itself to 
medical transport

We can maximize the medical utility of your Cessna jet. With its low operating costs, excellent short-field capability and proven reliability, the Cessna Citation is a great choice not only for business travel, but also for medical transportation. Our FAA-approved medical transport modifications take it a step further, turning Citation aircraft into the perfect air ambulance.


Top of the line patient handling systems

We proudly offer the most advanced patient handling equipment on the air medical industry’s market — the AeroSled PLUS system from LIfePort. The system makes patient loading, in-flight care and unloading quick and easy by incorporating a modular base unit with optional option, compressed air, suction and an onboard, 110-volt electrical inverter.

Expert custom installation

Our experienced engineering staff can custom-design a configuration that meets your requirements for either dedicated or multi-mission applications. Some options include:
  • Single or dual stretcher configurations
  • Ramp and pneumatic lift devices
  • Single or dual infant incubators
  • Specialized Medevac equipment training
  • A variety of display and auxiliary configurations


Make your plane even more accessible to medical transport

When we extend the width of the door to your cabin, you get easy access for
medical transport or bulky cargo without compromising the structural integrity
of the airframe. 

Versatility is key

Sometimes you can’t avoid carrying unconventional cargo. Be prepared with a cabin door that’s more than a foot wider than that of the standard Cessna Citation 500/501SP. Medical transports, palletized cargo, research equipment and other oversized items will never be a problem again.

Tested to ensure integrity

This modification has passed every test, and we can guarantee that our extended-width door does nothing to harm the structural integrity of your Citation aircraft. And since it uses the same reliable mechanical design of the original door, no specialized maintenance or tools are required. There’s no better way to prepare for whatever life sends your way.