Make yourself at home in your Citation aircraft

Ever notice the little luxuries, the things you didn’t think you needed, but once you have them you can’t imagine living without them? Let us help you fly in the kind of luxury you shouldn’t have to live without. Enhance your cabin for everyone on board. These items fall into the can’t-live-without category.


Sometimes you fly at night. Sometimes you’re just plain tired. Either way, turn your Cessna Citation into a hotel in the sky with this secure, inflatable bed. It’s designed to fit between two facing club seats, and it’s lightweight and easy to set up in flight. To achieve maximum comfort, just dial in the air pressure that’s just right for you. It’s also portable and easy to carry.

Citation Door Canopy 

We were inspired to create this canopy after a few too many run-ins with bad weather at air shows. Featuring a precision manufactured aluminum frame and sturdy steel hoops, this lightweight yet heavy-duty awning keeps both the rain and the sun out of your cabin, keeping your lavishly appointed interior pristine. When it’s time to leave, the canopy collapses into a compact, one-piece unit that fits in a baggage compartment or behind an aft divan. You can even embroider it with the name of your company or your aircraft registration number.

Forward Refreshment Center

Would you like a drink? Our forward refreshment centers are custom made to your requirements. The design and features are coordinated with your vision and with the interior décor of your Citation aircraft.


The cutting edge in oxygen masks

With unmatched smoke and hypoxia protection, these oxygen masks are extensively used on nearly all of today’s business and commercial aircraft. In fact, the EROS’ Classic MC series is the benchmark for integrated cockpit and cabin protection.

Safety always comes first in your Cessna Citation

Extensive research and design avoids confusion in emergency situations, with easy, one-handed extraction and inflation in less than two seconds. With secure-fitting hypoallergenic seals, the diluter demand regulator features automatic and manual overpressure and simple, no-guess mixture selection. These efficient, ergonomically designed stowage cups can be easily integrated into the cockpit near the flight controls for quick accessibility, with installation in a mere eight hours.