We make keeping cool a matter of efficiency

Heat is an unwelcome passenger, and we have just the thing you need to eject it from your cabin and cockpit. Our custom designed air conditioning systems cool your Cessna Citation at maximum efficiency. Our systems’ special features include:

   • Quality installation by our expert technicians
   • Crew air outlets beneath the control yokes — available for both comfort and safety
   • Easily upgraded conversion kits to make your system’s refrigerants environmentally friendly
   • Rapid installation turnaround

The best in the business
Our air conditioning systems include units designed by Keith Products Inc., the aviation industry’s favorite. And of course they come with the Sierra Industries standard of excellence. Don’t sweat another flight — contact us now.


Beat the heat and protect your avionics

Our FAA-approved sunshades are customized to fit your windows. They block 99 percent of UV rays and 92 percent of heat, making your plane safer and cooler. They also improve visibility and prevent damage to your avionics instruments. In short, our fully retractable sunshades are the missing piece to total comfort and safety.