Strengthen your presence on the runway and in the air

When it comes to your Cessna Citation, being noticed isn’t about showing off — it’s about safety. We can increase your visibility both on the runway and in the air, giving you confidence and security in flight, and confidence and mobility when you disembark. Choose the option that your plane needs.

BoomBeam HID Lighting Systems

Increase your light intensity by up to 400 percent! This high-intensity discharge mercury-xenon landing light system is the whitest, brightest idea in aircraft lighting in the last 25 years. These lights are not only brighter, but they’re tougher too — the shock-resistant, filament-free design is proven to survive rough environments and is under warranty for five years.

Whelan LED Replacement Lights

LED technology is a huge upgrade from incandescent and halogen light bulbs, offering much longer life spans (20,000 hours!), reduced power consumption and much greater shock and vibration tolerance. These lights feature tough, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses and cutting-edge surface-mount technology. These replacement lights are compatible with existing lighting profiles and mounting, and they’re fully compliant with all color requirements.

Tel-Tail Vertical Tail Floodlights
This system enhances your Citation aircraft’s stylish appearance in addition to increasing nighttime safety. Increase the visibility of your company’s logo and aircraft identification while providing a visible cue for the tower controller. That increases your safety and dramatically reduces the chances of a collision.

CometFlash Strobe Lighting
This system is like no other strobe light — its unique flash pattern provides more than four times the overall “on time” of conventional strobe lights and minimizes the “dark time” for better aircraft tracking. Your Cessna jet appears in flight as an extended streak of light, not a series of disjointed flashes. Higher visibility and almost twice the visible warning protection — all without increasing power input requirements!