Your plane can be safer and easier to use while it’s on the ground

Let your plane do the heavy lifting for you! These modifications save you and your personnel time and energy.

Pneu-Lift™ nose baggage door openers

Pneu-Lift uses high-tech gas cylinder lifters to provide easy and safe access to the nose baggage compartment. That means no more bent or broken hardware, and no more time-consuming hassles for you. These convenient lifters handle the high winds with ease and help prevent pinched fingers, along with nicks and scratches to your luggage and your forehead.
Quick Release Radome Modification 
Imagine one-minute access to radar and
avionics equipment, without screwdriver
scratches or expensive and easy-to-lose
fasteners! The Quick Release Radome mod
can make all that happen, while keeping your
equipment snug and safe and giving the nose
of your plane a sleek, clean and modern
new look.

Protective Mask Kits protect the nose of your Cessna jet

Sand, insects and other particles gradually wear down the surface of your plane, especially on radar-transparent fiberglass or Kevlar components like the ones used for the radome. With that in mind, Sierra offers high-quality, highly protective masks to protect the leading edges of your Citation aircraft. These masks are nearly invisible, and they’re proven to last for years without yellowing.

Our kits come with an easy-to-use instruction manual and can be installed in a matter of minutes. A comprehensive installation video is also available. Don’t wait until your radome is in desperate need of repair — protect it now so it never becomes a problem.