FJ44 Sierra Super II Performance Upgrade

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FJ44 Sierra Super II Performance Upgrade

Show the skies you mean business

New engines take your aircraft performance to a new level
Climb into your Cessna Citation after this upgrade, and you’ll know immediately that the Sierra Super II is all about aircraft performance. It’s the best and most cost effective way to combine the power of the new FJ44-3A Wide Sweep turbofan engine with the luxurious, spacious cabin of the Cessna Citation 550.

Higher, faster and farther
At Sierra, we take pride in making classic Citation aircraft put new business jets to shame. The Sierra Super II does just that, upgrading your Cessna Citation 550 or 551SP’s aircraft performance in a number of ways:

•  Maintain maximum operating speed as high as 43,000 feet
•  Climb direct to 43,000 at gross weight in less than 25 minutes
•  Cruise speed as much as 50 knots faster
•  Fly 250 miles farther at maximum cruise power
•  Fly 400 miles farther at economy cruise power
•  Climb 50 percent better at sea level with both engines, or 38 percent better with one

Digital engine control for Cessna Citation safety
These engines aren’t all brawn — their brains come in the form of full authority digital engine control (FADEC) for full-time syncing the two engines giving you comprehensive power management. The smarter your engines are, the easier to fly and safer your plane is.

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