Upgrade your Cessna Citation’s RVSM

Technology that meets stringent standards
Our Innovative Solutions & Support (commonly known as IS&S) system installation offers interfaces with the Flight Director Systems and Autopilot, and of course meets the strictest reduced vertical separation minimum airspace requirements.

RVSM upgrades are tested and certified
Your aircraft will be skinmapped to insure that static ports are within certification tolerance and will be ground- and flight-tested to verify the accuracy of your new equipment.

Sierra takes care of all the details
We  can provide the required GMU monitoring flight at a reasonable price, and we can help you through all the operator requirements necessary for you to receive RVSM approval for your Cessna Citation. Get in touch with our experts to find out more. 

Sierra Exclusive

Bring your emergency transmitter to today’s standards so your “worst-case scenario” isn’t so bad
Emergancy Locator Kit
It’s been almost two years since U.S. satellites stopped monitoring the 121.5 megahertz emergency frequency — so why is your transmitter still on it? This kit updates your system to 406 megahertz, the frequency used today to broadcast emergency locations.

This avionics upgrade is cost-effective and can ensure that if the unthinkable happens, you’ll be in the best possible position to receive help. With a variety of certifications and a five-year battery life, along with navigation interface and latitude and longitude transmission accuracy of 100 meters, this exclusive Sierra upgrade comes with peace of mind, too.

Sierra Exclusive

Four Point Crew Restraint System keeps you
safe and comfortable

Take better care of your crew and your cockpit. The standard Cessna Citation cockpit seatbelt system causes expensive and unsightly nicks in the side windows when the shoulder harness slaps against them. But our safe and effective four point crew restraint system eliminates this problem without sacrificing comfort. Not only that, but the rotary belt and inertia reel actually improve convenience and safety.

Look good while staying safe
Our four point crew restraint system is available in your choice of webbing color, and our convenient kits are easy to install in the field. Just let us know which style fits your Cessna jet best and you can travel safer while improving your Citation aircraft value.

Sierra Exclusive

Custom Throttle Knobs add some
personality to your Cessna Citation 

Our lightweight, aluminum knobs are a flashy and functional addition to your cockpit. Engrave them with your company’s logo or your aircraft registration number in a variety of vivid colors.

Sierra Exclusive

All your avionics, just a switch away

Eliminate needless distractions.
Classic Citation jets … Classic? Of course. Convenient? Not always. Until now. Our avionics master switch places each of at least fifteen avionics devices in the control of a single switch. This upgrade not only saves time, but also avoids the needless distraction and human error that comes with flipping dozens of switches. (Available only for Citation 500, through serial number 0274.)

Simple modification,
simple control panel

To install our master switch, we reorganize the avionics bus wiring in your control panel. That permits an ON/OFF operation from a single switch. This seemingly miraculous switch saves heaps of time in cumulative pilot workload, and at the same time extends the life of your avionics.

Sierra Exclusive

Bring the gear horn mute switch closer

The more your hands are on the wheel, the safer the flight
Adding a switch on the control wheel to supplement your existing gear horn mute system increases convenience, but more importantly it increases safety. By allowing the pilot to manage the gear horn mute system while maintaining control of the wheel during critical flight phases, the pilot is infinitely better prepared to deal with any issues that may arise.

New switch, same assurances
This FAA-approved kit retains the “Fail-Safe” automatic reset features of the factory system and allows for easy field installation.

Maximize safety with upgrades to your panel segments, switch boot cover and transponder ident switch

Sweat the small stuff. These items may seem like afterthoughts, but they can be just as important as the wings or the engines to keeping your Cessna Citation in the air and flying well.

New Cockpit Panel Segments
Make your instrument panel look and work like it’s brand new! Sierra will custom-make new panel segments to your exact specifications to enable you to fly in ultimate style.

Replacement Switch Boot Cover Kit
New vinyl switch boot covers replace your dirty, torn or missing covers, updating your cockpit’s look and feel in your choice of four colors. This kit contains enough switch covers for an entire cockpit.

Transponder Ident Switch
This wheel-mounted switch allows for transponder ident without your pilot’s hands leaving the controls.