Pratt Engine Performance Upgrades

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Garmin G501SP by Sierra

Pratt Engine Performance Upgrades

Show the skies you mean business

New engines and a wing modification make it a whole new plane
Step into your Cessna Citation after this modification, and you’ll know immediately that the Eagle II SPx is all about aircraft performance. We’ve combined the increased fuel capacity and improved handling of our Eagle wing modification with the super-powered performance of the Williams/Rolls FJ44 fanjet engine.

Safety, efficiency and comfort

Cutting-edge, third-generation FJ44 engine technology combined with Sierra’s exclusive wing modification makes your Cessna jet easier to handle, exceptionally efficient and pilot-friendly.

Higher, faster and farther
At Sierra, we take pride in making classic Citation aircraft put new business jets to shame. The Eagle II SPx does just that, adding up to 35 percent greater thrust across a wide range of conditions, while raising your maximum cruise speed by more than 50 knots. You’ll also notice dramatic improvements in short-field capability.

You’re positioned to make the most of your Cessna Citation
The SPx includes all supplemental materials and full authorization to fully utilize the increased performance of the Eagle/FJ44 combination.

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