2013-14 Sierra Catalog

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Table of Contents

Introduction / Sierra’s People

Aircraft Maintenance Services & Locations

Citation Performance Modifications

Citation history & model comparison
Citation Performance Comparisons
Sierra Longwing & Eagle Modifications
JT15D Engine Upgrades
Citation FJ44 re-engining
Re-Engining Questions & Answers
FJ44 Maintenance Programs
Sierra FJ44 Model Lineup
FJ44 Eagle II SPx / Stallion (500/501)
XR Tank / Gross Weight Increase (500/501)
FJ44 Super II (550)
FJ44 Super S-II (S550)
XR Tank / Gross Weight Increase

Citation Exterior Upgrades

Extended-Width Door Modification
Medevac & exterior accessories
Pneu-Lift, aft-baggage, mask kits
Air Conditioning
Exterior Lighting Upgrades
Aircraft covers / sunshades

Avionics Upgrades & Service

Garmin G600 Flight Display Suite
G501SP Advanced Flight Deck Retrofit
EFIS / Primary Flight Displays
Multi-Function Displays
Transponders, Digital Checklist
Traffic / TAWS
Satellite Weather / Radar
Piston Aircraft Avionics
Citation Glareshield, throttle knobs
Enhanced Vision Systems
406 MHz ELT / EROS masks
Rosen visors, RVSM

Citation Interior Upgrades

Cockpit  Upgrades
Cabin Entertainment Systems, Wi-Fi
Aft divan, fwd barrel, armrest mods


Citation Maintenance
Brakes / Wheels / Tires
Windows / Boots / Seat Rail Repair
Batteries / Door Hinge / Dorsal Fin
Maintenance Support Equipment
Lubricants / Protectants / Cleaning
Placards / Manual Supplements
SierraCom Maintenance Tracking

Aircraft Inspections
Fly-thru maintenance, Skyway Aerospace Technology
Citation 525 Inspections
Citation 525A Inspections
Citation 525B Inspections
Citation 500 / 501 Inspections
Citation 550 / 551 Inspections
Citation S550 Inspections
Citation 550 Bravo Inspections
Citation 560 Inspections
Citation 560XL Phase Inspections
Citation 650 Inspections
Citation X Inspections
Beechcraft King Air Inspections
Beechjet / Hawker 400 Inspections
Hawker 700 Inspections
Hawker 800A, 800XP Inspections

Piston Aircraft Modifications
R/STOL High Lift Systems
Cessna 206/207 Aux. Fuel System
Cessna Centurion Landing Gear Mods
Dealer Network Map

Sierra - Your “One-Stop Aviation Shop”
Custom Manufacturing Services
Aircraft Management & Charter
Custom Engineering Services
Skyway Aero - Aircraft Sales & Service
Ordering Information
A brief history of Sierra Industries