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One wing modification, countless enhancements

Proven over dozens of years and millions of miles, the legendary Sierra Eagle wing modification provides comprehensive aircraft performance improvement for an already proven product. Your Cessna Citation is a classic, and with our help, it can be legendary.

Extraordinary advantages, none of the disadvantages
Unlike the wing modifications of yesteryear, the Sierra Eagle causes no deterioration of handling characteristics at the high-speed, high-altitude end of the envelope. At the low-speed, low-altitude end, the Eagle actually enhances handling qualities and safety, while reducing refusal speeds, stall speeds and runway requirements.

The Sierra Eagle is a comprehensive upgrade
The Eagle is an improvement over standard-production Cessna Citations in just about every way, including:

•  Up to 50 percent greater range.
•  Up to 42 percent better balanced field length.
•  Up to 11 knots lower rotation and lift-off speeds, and up to 12 knots lower reference landing speeds.
•  Up to 50 percent better climb time.
•  Increased gross takeoff weight from 11,850 pounds to 12,500 pounds.
•  Increased fuel capacity of up to 4510 pounds.
•  Up to 50 percent better fuel efficiency on short-range missions.
•  The ability to “tanker” home base fuel for short and medium range trips.
•  Single-pilot capabilities.

Maximize runway-limited operations
Although the Eagle’s max-range increase is notable, improvements in runway-limited operations are even more significant. Typically, the Eagle either flies 50 percent farther than the Citation I for any given runway-limited situation or arrives at the same destination with considerably more reserve fuel.

The Eagle’s additional fuel and increased cruise efficiency translates to additional reserve capability. The extra fuel precludes having to make “gambling” decisions on stretching your Citation’s capabilities, a primary factor in many aircraft mishaps. In short, the Eagle:

•  Minimizes in-flight delays caused by poor weather at the destination.
•  Prevents the need to fly to another field, defeating the purpose of the trip.
•  Eases the burden of heavy destination traffic and prolonged holding.

Unparalleled safety
Certified by the FAA under stringent FAR Part 25 Transport Category regulations, the EAGLE provides safety that’s unequaled in the industry. To date, the EAGLE fleet has flown far more than 10 million miles and maintains a superb safety record.

Safer than most turboprops
Unlike turboprops, the Sierra Eagle offers guaranteed single-engine performance and known aircraft performance in any density altitude situation. This factor is extremely important when you evaluate your options.

Why buy a new plane when Sierra can make yours better than new?
With features including lower approach and touchdown speeds than most turboprops, the Sierra Eagle gives you an extra margin of safety over any other business jet flying today. Don’t overpay when you can upgrade with Sierra instead.