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Spread your wings and fly higher, faster and farther with the Sierra Longwing performance upgrade

Long-winged aircraft are in demand today for a simple and undeniable reason: They’re superior in aircraft performance in practically every way to their shorter-winged counterparts. But why buy a whole new plane when we can transform your current Cessna Citation into a long-winged aircraft for a fraction of the cost? 

Better aircraft performance from wheels up to touchdown
The Sierra Citation Longwing modification stands alone when it comes to transforming your Cessna Citation into a whole new machine. By adding Wingtip Extensions to the basic Citation (serial numbers 500-0001 through 500-0349), every aspect of your Cessna Citation aircraft performance is superior to the Citation 501SP in both performance and utility. 


Better field performance
A remarkable 20 percent reduction in field length requirement opens hundreds of additional airports for your use. New markets and old customers are brought within reach with the operational capabilities of your Sierra Citation Longwing.

Reduced landing speeds
The Longwing provides a generous landing speed reduction over the basic Citation. This lower approach speed provides better landing control, with more positive flare and reduced floating tendencies.

Maximized safety
Pilot workload is the highest during the final minutes of a flight, when critical decisions must be made. The Sierra Citation Longwing speed reduction in landing configuration gives the pilot an extra safety cushion — time. Reducing the landing speed gives the pilot more time to react to adverse situations and the advantage of greater maneuverability in close situations around the field.

Peaceful flights
Improved take-off and climb performance makes the quietest of business jets even quieter.

Power climbing
Long range or short hop, the Sierra Citation Longwing reaches cruising altitudes sooner with its high aspect ratio wing of 8.5 to 1.

Added fuel capacity
Your increased fuel capacity (120 pounds in models 500-0001 through 500-0213) and greater fuel efficiency in the climb increase range by approximately 10 percent.   

Better fuel economy
Reduced drag and increased altitude capability provide up to 15 percent fuel savings over the basic Citation 500. 

Fewer refueling stops
Fewer time-consuming refueling stops equals superior operating efficiency.

Sierra Citation Longwing is long on value
When it comes to wings, size matters. Upgrade your Cessna Citation with the Sierra Longwing and you’ll find out why modern long-winged aircraft are so popular — without having to buy one!