Sierra's SkyStep:

One small step for you -
a giant leap for your Citation.

Sierra Industries is pleased to announce the “next step” in Citation convenience: the SkyStep cabin door step replacement. This enhanced design eliminates the shortcomings of the original factory step at an affordable price.

  • Modern design machined from aircraft aluminum to eliminate cracking and breaking
  • Enclosed back & sides on each step improves passenger security
  • 3 equally spaced steps instead of 2 for enhanced ease of entry
  • First step is closer to the ground – no need for a separate “first step” in the nose
  • Pneumatic cylinders softly deploy the door, preventing damage to door sill and toes
  • T-handled inertia reel makes the step easy to retract from inside the cabin
  • STC approval (pending) for Citation models 500, 501SP, 550, 551SP, S550, 560 (V, Ultra, Encore), 525 (CJ, CJ1, CJ1+), 525A (CJ2, CJ2+), 525B (CJ3, CJ3+)
  • Optional  LED “puddle” lights to illuminate the ground and steps
  • Installation by Sierra is included in the price**
  • Mobile installation service is available — call us for details.

SkyStep introductory pricing:**
  • $15,500 installed (on site in the contiguous 48 US states) -or-
  • $14,000 installed at a Sierra facility (Uvalde, TX or San Antonio, TX)

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